Creative Ideas Marketing

Marketing Management for Professional & Technical Service Providers

Welcome to Creative Ideas Marketing website.

Creative Ideas Marketing is a Michigan based marketing management and service product development company - helping professional and technical service providers expand into new markets, refresh existing services (or create new services), and improve service operations. Creative Ideas helps clients focus resources to grow their business and improve sales.

What can be achieved, working together with you:

  • Grow your business - Identify and develop new markets or new services - Increase service revenues
  • Create new services using existing resource - Cross-sell and improve your processes
  • Increase sales - Your customers will buy more because they better understand and value your offer
  • Increase customer satisfaction - Do things differently and the way your customers prefer
  • Improve credibility - Introduce extended or differentiated set of products & services
  • Improve business performance - Introduce improved service processes
  • Improve decisions on new business opportunities - Qualify new ideas

Contact us when any of these situations apply to your business:

  • Need to find new markets because of a decline in the economy?
  • Want to increase your service revenues, sales or profit margins?
  • Planning to create new services but lack the resource to do the work?

If you would like information on how Creative Ideas Marketing can help your business, use the links in the left hand column or click here to contact us for more information.